Voting is a fundamental right for the American people. As a Veteran Owned business, we understand the sacrifices many have made for this privilege. Whatever your viewpoint, it's important to understand those that will represent you moving forward. Do a little...

Q3 /Q4 Forecasting

Sarvicus is growing.  Q3 and Q4 are forecasted to be record quarters for Sarvicus.  EOY 2022 is expected to be at least a 15% increase over 2021.  Sarvicus is currently not advertising and minimal bidding is occurring due to the influx of opportunities.  If you are...

Cisco Webex Calling Partner

Sarvicus has reached the Cisco Webex Calling Partner specialization.  This took dedication by our sales and technical team to reach this specialization certification.  This will allow Sarvicus to provide additional Cisco services to our customers.  A big thank you to...

Sarvicus HQ has moved

Sarvicus has finally moved from its old location to Sarvicus Ranch.  It's a 10-acre plot of land that will allow for a lot of future growth.  We are extremely proud to provide an enhanced workspace for our employees as well as a more dynamic experience for our...

Cisco Premier

Sarvicus has been a Cisco Select partner for the past several years.  As our customer base and requirements have changed, Sarvicus has worked to achieve Cisco Premier status.  This will provide more offering and support for our valued customers.  

Giving 2 Schools a Huge Success

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Announcements

In December 2015, Sarvicus held an annual rummage sale. We simple called it our Giving 2 School event. Donations from companies, friends and families poured in. The proceeds went towards the purchase of an Audio Enhancement solution for Westbury Christian School. The third grade class put the new system to the test. While the feedback was extremely positive, it was best stated by the teacher of the third graders.

“I am loving the new system. The students are responding very well and I feel like all of my students can hear my voice. It is awesome because I don’t need to repeat myself over and over. I can just talk in a calm quiet voice and they are able to hear me loud and clear. They are also enjoying speaking on the microphone.”

The results speak for themselves. Giving 2 Schools will be part of Sarvicus’ future, but also to the students we touch with technology.