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Looking for a complete mobile audio video (AV) cart system?  The Flexview 800 series cart is a customizable solution that is optimized for education, training, and teleconferencing.

Key Features:

  • Certified for strength and safety.
  • Electric lift – Two buttons to make the display go up or down.
  • Designed with flexibility for mounting displays and other system components
  • Engineered with the Lever Lockª system for small device mounting.
  • Simple and quick maintenance with easy-access key locked doors
  • Base designed for unimpeded, up close display interaction
  • Lowest profile display mount in the industry
  • Mounts larger displays, including most 90″ screens with VESA 800 mounting or smaller
  • Accessory basket inside for storage of remotes and small objects


Why is this cart special?

  • SAFETY – Each cart is UL tip rated.
  • Each cart is custom manufactured in the United States.  These carts are built to order.  They are manufactured, assembled, and sent directly to the customer.
  • It is MULTI-PURPOSE.  The can be video conferencing carts, portable computing stations, and interactive carts with touch-screen displays.  One cart to fit your business needs.
  • It is MOBILE.  The cart is easy to move around, even with 80 inch displays.
  • VESA 800 mounting or smaller.



  • Top Side Camera Mount
  • Color – Black or White.  Custom colors can be done on orders over 25 carts (extra fees apply)
  • Custom mounting bracket (for Panasonic 65″ interactive displays)
  • Retractable Cord
  • Extra width bottom panel – for organizations that want to mount a larger internal device (typically a PC)
  • External holder for remote or erasers/pens for interactive displays


  • Usable Depth: 4.3″
  • Capacity Weight (US): 190
  • Depth: 43.5″
  • Height: 68.9″