Small Gifts make Huge Impacts

During the holidays last year, Sarvicus through a student club at a local school helped sponsor a family. We are thankful that this made such a positive impact on the family and those involved.

Projects in 2021

Sarvicus completed over 500 projects in 2021. In 2020, Sarvicus had completed over 400 projects. Its a true testament to the trust of our customers, and even more so, the dedication by our employees. Our core value lies in “Sarvicus - Service Spelled a Little Bit...

New Address Coming Soon

Sarvicus acquired 10 acres earlier this year.  We are pleased to announce that our new headquarters is coming in March 2022.  Once we get settled, we will share updates and some photos! Sarvicus, LLC 28427 Riley Road Waller, TX 77484

Sarvicus Ranch

Following the announcement last month of Sarvicus purchasing 10 acres for relocation of the main office, work has already begun. Underbrush removal has started so further decisions on “what will go where” can...

Major Contract Awarded with Harris County, Texas

We are proud to announce that Sarvicus was awarded the Installation of School Zone Flasher Assemblies and Related Improvements for Harris County, Texas. The contract includes the installation of 200 school zone flasher systems with cellular communication, remote...

Year in Review

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Announcements

As we wrap up activities for 2021, we quickly will change focus to 2022.  Some say that as we get older, time goes by a little faster.  For me, it just seems like a short time ago I was reflecting on 2020 and focusing on 2021.  For Sarvicus, this year has had many challenges and many rewards.  We have faced COVID (again), larges price increases in consumables, and cost of goods, and the logistical challenges of lead times for products.

Fortunately, we have navigated those challenges well and are in great position moving into 2022.  As a company, we have not boomed double digit is sales, or experienced exponential growth.  We applied sound business practices by streamlining certain operations, added employees, and invested where it made the best sense.

While 2022 will have its own challenges, we believe Sarvicus is in great position to continue to meet our customers expectations.  We will continue to invest in our employees and invest in products and services that will maximize our operational efficiency and deliver the results to make our customers successful.

We have been blessed as an organization and we will everyone a Happy (and Safe) New Year.